Welcome to The Real Food Campaign

We started the Real Food Campaign to help join the dots between health, food, and farming in the UK.

We are health-led

Our founder is a doctor and most of our team are health practitioners but we also believe our Real Food farmers and growers could be the ultimate preventative health practitioners.

Food quality and health

It seems most people are confused enough about what food to eat with a plethora of different dietary messages bombarding us. Should we eat low fat, or low carb? How much red meat should we eat?

But what hasn’t been talked about much yet is food quality.

We feel there is a need for people to have a better understanding of the links between the food we eat, how it has been raised, grown and produced and our health – as well as how to choose prepare and cook food for health.

We recognise too, that there are several overlapping crises. We have a population that is getting sicker, with this generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than the last. At least 80% of our current health issues in the UK can be related to our diet and other lifestyle factors.

Our food and our planet

We recognise that with our soils and climate in crisis, there is a real danger that we will have problems producing enough food for a growing population in the near future

In recognition of the climate emergency and support Doctors for Extinction Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion Farmers.

Joining the dots and joining hands

As health practitioners, our mission is to work collaboratively across all parts of the farming, food and health sectors to inform and empower citizens, communities and health providers to recognise that Food is Medicine and to equip them to make Real Food choices for better health.

Our food, our health and our planet depend upon each other.

We’re joining hands across farming, food and health. We launched the Real Food Campaign UK at the College of Medicine’s Food on Prescription Conference in October 2019, to work for a healthy, sustainable and affordable British diet!