THE REAL FOOD SOLUTION is a treasury of food wisdom for more energy, vitality and better health for you and your planet. The scientific evidence is clearly showing that the food we’ve been eating and the way we’ve been growing, raising, producing, cooking and sourcing it has been utterly destructive at every level. And it’s just not sustainable.

We owe it to ourselves, our children, families, communities and our planet to know better and to do much better.

We want you to own this book and share its real food wisdom.

With hundreds of pages of content, evidence-based references and over 40 delicious recipes, culinary tips and techniques, it will quickly become your go-to resource for better health for you and your planet.

REAL FOOD is the solution

The science is telling us that real food, not fad diets… or rhetoric… or myths offers us the solution. Science is showing us that our health starts with real, whole, home-cooked foods. But even as more and more of us are becoming sicker than ever before – we all know someone with diabetes; with obesity; with a chronic, or cardiovascular disease; with a degenerative, digestive or autoimmune disorder, with cancer – fewer and fewer of us are cooking and eating real food at home.

Our food is much, much more than filling fuel for our body – it’s information. Real, whole ingredients carry health critical information that turns our genes on and off and tells our cells how and when to work.

But the ultra-processed, chemically damaged, pseudo-substances that we’ve all come to call ‘food’ carry misinformation which our body can’t recognise and it responds with inflammation that harms our body’s digestive and immune system. Garbage in, garbage out: enter chronic and autoimmune disease.

And what we do to ourselves, we do to our planet – so welcome to industrial farming and food systems which have broken not only our health but are destroying our planet.

If, like thousands of others, you’re confused, anxious, suspicious, at a loss as to what to eat, worried about how your food is produced and how this impacts the planet, then read THE REAL FOOD SOLUTION

You’ll discover the deep nutrition of meat, eggs, butter, cheese and milk from grass-fed animals; bone and mineral broths; organic fruit and vegetables; wild-caught seafood; cultured and fermented foods; herbs and spices.These traditional foods kept generations of our ancestors free from the chronic diseases which plague us today and helped me to reverse a progressive autoimmune disorder. They can do the same for you.

About the author

Izabella Natrins is a member of the Real Food Campaign UK Steering Group and Campaign Manager. She has written The Real Food Solution to raise funds for the Campaign.

She is the Professional Standards and Development Director for the UK Health Coaches Association and a Director of Fordhall Organic Farm Community Land Initiative. Izabella is a qualified Real Food Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine Health Coach, and she is a Ballymaloe-trained, Nutritional Chef.

Izabella founded a whole-health education and health coaching website IzabellaNatrins.Com to promote whole-health creation with real, nutrient-dense food and lifestyle medicine. She was a former health research psychologist in Public Health Medicine and NHS Clinical Programme Manager.

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