Welcome to the BHMA’s Real Food Campaign website! We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and learn more about ‘real food’.

We aim to join the dots between farming, food and health in this health led educational ‘campaign’.

We have lots of information to explore and hope to bring you even more soon so we will be fundraising to make it your trusted ‘go-to’ real food resource.

There are many ways to get involved: sign up to our newsletter; join us as an ambassador; become a partner, supporter or sponsor; or just get in touch. You can also join us in our Real Food Network at: the-real-food-campaign.mn.co.

Our Real Food Credo

We Believe …

Real food is nutrient-dense and delicious – using a variety of whole ingredients, cooked from scratch as often as possible

Real food should be grown and produced in ways that support health – free from harmful chemicals and additives

Real food can nurture community – sharing and connecting with family, friends, local economies and re-connecting with nature

Real food supports and restores – our soils, our oceans and our natural environment

Real food is about respect – for plants, for animals, for nature and for the farmers, growers and cooks who feed us

Real food can heal our bodies, our minds and our society

Real food is our birthright and should be affordable and accessible to ALL



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