Diversity, Gut health and our Microbiome

Mother Nature loves diversity and dietary diversity is critical for our friendly microbes, which we are beginning to realise play a pivotal role in our overall health. We still have a lot to learn but it is becoming clear that diversity of the microbial populations themselves seems to be a crucial factor for health.

It would seem that the more diverse our diet, the more diverse our microbes and the better our health.

Diversity of the Microbiome Has Plummeted from Gut-Brain Secrets
Diversity of the Microbiome Has Plummeted from Gut-Brain Secrets

We will be writing more about this topic soon and also the relationship of our microbiome with the soil microbiome. For now check out this link:
Magical microbes – how to feed your gut

Plant foods

Did you know that there are over 30,000 edible plants as listed on the Food Plants International Database?

Did you know that the world’s food supply depends on about 150 plant species, and of those 150, just 12 provide three-quarters of the world’s food?

And did you know that more than half of the world’s food energy comes from a limited number of varieties of just THREEmega-crops’: rice, wheat, and maize?

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In the past nutrition advice has focused on macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients – vitamins and minerals with recommendations for daily amounts. Scientists are now looking at thousands of plant chemicals that have a beneficial effect on our health – phytonutrients.

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Heritage Varieties

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Wild Foods

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Herbs & spices

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Animal foods

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