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Our Purpose

The Real Food campaign exists in the UK to educate, advocate and campaign for real food for ALL, for the benefit of good health.

What we mean by Real Food

Real food promotes health, is nutrient-dense, safe, and minimally* or unprocessed. Real food is raised and grown in ways that protect, regenerate and sustain our soils, our health, all of nature and our planet. 
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Our Mission

To work collaboratively across all parts of the health, food and farming sectors to:

  • Inform and empower citizens, communities and health providers to recognise that Food is Medicine, and to equip them to make Real Food choices for better health.
  • Campaign to restore conscious, regenerative farming and growing practices that sustain health for people and planet.
  • Promote the restoration and development of local infrastructures that encourage collaborative and thriving food communities. 

More About Us

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*Our use of the word minimally processed differs to that in the NOVA classification as we would recognise many foods in groups 2 & 3 as Real Food such as Real Bread, butter, cheese and cold-pressed oils. i.e traditionally processed food over modern industrial processing.