Can you help us spread the word about Real Food?

Welcome to the Ambassador’s page.

Can you help us connect the dots between real food and health in your local community?

Below are some ideas for our Real Food Ambassadors:

  • Find your local ‘Real Food’ growers and producers?
  • Are there already Community food projects in your area?
  • Are there any local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or allotment initiatives?
  • Who are the key Organisations in your area linked to the Real Food mission? e.g. Incredible Edible, Sustainable Food Cities …
  • What are the areas of need in the community? e.g food desserts
  • How can we widen access to ‘Real Food’: schools, elderly, care homes and hospitals?
  • What expertise exists within your community?

We would like to encourage conversations around ‘Real Food’ to raise awareness:

  • Would you like to give talks e.g in schools or a local community centre?
  • Are you able to host a film showing?
  • How about writing a piece about the approaches to health and real food in your local area?
  • You could also involve your GP surgery & social prescribers
  • Connecting with your local producers & food outlets would be a great way to start a food share scheme

If you are a business or an organisation we would love for you to:

  • Display our Credo in your premises
  • Display our logo on your website and link to our website
  • Provide us with a statement of support
  • Help us to make connections in your local community

If you think you can help in any of these ways then please get in touch with us.