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Alex Laird BSc FCPP   Medical herbalist and founding director Living Medicine   Alex has run the first herbal medicine clinic in hospital dermatology at Whipps Cross in East London since 2000. Since then she has also run a clinic at Breast Cancer Haven, London, has a private clinic, is a visiting lecturer and published herbal medicine research.  In 2019 she wrote the book Root to Stem (Penguin), a seasonal guide to food and natural remedies.  Alex is a Fellow and Council Member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy.   Inspiring people how to reconnect with food and nature for wellbeing lies at the heart of Alex’s practice and the charity Living Medicine she founded. Living Medicine teaches people how to use food and herbs in self care, exchanging and updating knowledge from all cultures to feed into public health.  Living Medicine’s longterm vision is to co-create Britain’s first world herbal medicine/food centre of excellence linked to medicinal gardens globally.   

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Real food is multifunctional medicine –  if it is diverse, fibrous, colourful & phytonutrient-rich so eat: Mostly plants, root to stem Edible skin, pith, seeds Diversity & dark colours – a new veg regularly Most during the day Not too much And…something wild every day!

Living Medicine - Basics of Self-Care

Living Medicine – Basics of Self-Care


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