Izabella Natrins BSc PSYCH Dip NLC (IHS) FNTP

A former health research psychologist in Public Health Medicine and NHS Clinical Programme Manager, I am a qualified Real Food Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Health Coach, and a Ballymaloe-trained, Nutritional Chef. I founded a whole-health education and coaching website IzabellaNatrins.Com to promote whole-health creation with real, nutrient-dense food and lifestyle medicine. I am the Professional Standards and Development Director for the UK Health Coaches Association and a Director of Fordhall Organic Farm Community Land Initiative.

Inspired by training at the renowned, organic Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, I awakened to traditional farming, food production and preparation methods, from soil to plate.  What I learned inspired me to write, educate and teach people to regain traditional food wisdom, to engage with sound science and to learn the forgotten skills that restore energy, vitality and true health. I wrote The Real Food Solution– an evidence-based call to action to encourage people to reverse the epidemics of chronic ill-health and support a sustainable planet, by becoming more conscious consumers, understanding and caring where their food comes from and how it’s produced, and by making better choices to source and cook real food affordably. The profits from The Real Food Solution support the work of The Real Food Campaign.

I work in private practice and with GP Federations and across Primary Care Networks in Birmingham to promote, advocate for and establish Building Resilience with Lifestyle Medicine Programmes for GP’s, practice staff and local communities.

My passion is real food and food-as-lifestyle as medicine. I joined the Real Food Campaign UK to play a part in joining up thinking across all parts of farming, food and medicine and to inspire people everywhere to care where their food comes from, how it was grown and raised, and to consciously reclaim the kitchen and take back their health.

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