Lawrence Woodward OBE

The question “How do we feed ourselves when oil and other finite resources run out?” led in 1975 to my farming organically.  It was still pressing when I co-founded and began to direct the UK’s leading organic R&D Centre in 1980. But over the 30 plus years in that role I became obsessed by health questions; what makes a “healthy” farm?  What qualities does it have? How are these passed on in its food and environment to people and animals? These are the unanswered questions of my professional life.

A founder and director of the Organic Research Centre (ORC) for 30 years, Lawrence advises and speaks about the principles and methods of organic agriculture to a wide range of organisations. In 2001 he was awarded an O.B.E. for services to organic farming, having played a pivotal role in the strategic and practical development of the organic sector in the UK and internationally.

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