Miguel Toribio-Mateas BANT Chair   I’m a proud Brit with a Spanish accent and a love of food. I was born to a loving Andalusian family whose life revolves around food and the pleasure of eating, not just for the nutrients, but for the experience, for the sharing. Many of my early childhood memories are about hot summers in my aunty’s old farm in the countryside in Córdoba, surrounded by olive trees, turkeys, rabbits and pomegranates. Autumn trips to my mum and dad’s villages in Jaén, picking up quince to boil it with cinnamon and prunes, eating freshly made sheep’s cheese.    40-odd years later, the memories of the power of real food is very much at the forefront of my mind. In fact those are the memories that have inspired me throughout a career in the research, practice and application of nutrition and neuroscience. As an example, I am currently leading the neuroscience lead at the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC) where we have the Bowels & Brains™️ Lab, hosted at the School of Applied Sciences of London South Bank University and run with a grant from the  European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). I am part of a team running clinical trials to help assess the impact of fermented foods on human microbiota composition and microbiome metabolites whilst taking into account nutrition and lifestyle factors that contribute to changes to the wellbeing of participants.   
Miguel Toribio-Mateas is a practitioner-researcher with a professional background in technology, education and microbiome applications for human health. His multidisciplinary academic profile includes degrees in International Business, Complexity Management, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience. He has been the voluntary Chair of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine since 2011.    At the time of publishing this biography (October 2019) Miguel is on the last year of his doctorate in “Innovation in Health Neuroscience and the Human Microbiome”. His research programme was awarded Middlesex University’s “Work Based Learning” best research project by Santander Universities in 2016.

Real food is a powerful medium for sharing love and kindness amongst humans. Let’s keep it real, and let’s keep sharing.    LinkedIn Profile  

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