Phillip Sharratt Chief Executive, Somerset Local Food Limited

With 30 years experience of working as a business and management consultant, Philip arrived in Somerset in 2005 to deliver a project that supported small businesses become more successful.  Since then he has delivered numerous economic and community development projects with a strong social purpose, including tackling poverty by helping people to set-up their own business, working with construction businesses across the South West to adopt environmental technologies, and introducing computer coding into primary schools to help give children new skills and possibly support them to achieve their future potential. 

Philip joined Somerset Local Food two years ago and has led the transition of the business from a commercial model to a community-owned not-for profit Community Benefit Society. 

“In Somerset Local Food I have found an opportunity to apply all of my previous experience and passion to help people lead more fulfilling lives whilst protecting the natural environment.  Food is not just a disposable commodity, it is as essential to health and well-being as clean air or water and yet we are completely detached from the food production process with little control over how our food is produced and what it contains.”  

Somerset Local Food is now on the path to establishing a local food system in Somerset that engages with local residents to make healthier food choices and allows them to participate in how their food is grown, reared, made or baked whilst protecting natural habitats, increasing biodiversity and reducing the impact food has on climate change. 

“The process of bringing people together to sow, plant, nurture and harvest their own food has a huge health and wellbeing impact in its own right!” 

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