Over the past three years, the College of Medicine’s Food Conference has become the leading UK event on food, lifestyle and medicine and has become a ‘must attend’ for healthcare professionals, who want to know how to create a healthier future for patients, communities and the nation.

The Conference will see leaders in food, lifestyle and medicine speaking, including The Diet Myth author Professor Tim Spector, Patrick Holden from The Sustainable Food Trust and cancer expert Dr Catherine Zollman.

The 2019 conference will focus on:

  • The latest insights on the biome and the relationship of food to our major lifestyle conditions
  • Supporting healthy eating throughout our communities and nation
  • Transforming the clinician to patient relationship between GPs
  • Creating a stronger coalition of stakeholders to reverse the current situation whereby those who most need healthy food are the least likely to be able to either access it or want it.

Oxford Real Farming Conference

The 2020 Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) will be held in the St Aldates Church and Oxford Town Hall on 8th & 9th January. As always, this unique gathering of the UK’s sustainable and organic food and farming movements will offer a practical mix of on-farm advice, showcasing new techniques for best practice in agroecological farming, as well as broader discussions on what is needed for creating real change in our broken food system.