We want to share general tips on this page to help you access the best food you can for your health. Happily, the healthiest options are also usually the best for our local communities and the planet too.

Organic Food

Organic food is not only good for the environment it is BETTER FOR OUR HEALTH and free from harmful chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health conditions.

Have a look at Pesticide Action UK (PAN-UK) e.g The Cocktail Effect

The EWG in the USA put together an annual Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen – this article, published in WebMD, explains: Kale Is a Surprise on 2019’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ List 

PAN-UK has a similar list though not as up to date – see below.

So if you can’t afford to buy organic for all your fruit and veg, we suggest you at least avoid those highest in chemicals. And speak to your local greengrocer, as their produce may well be grown with minimum pesticides though not have organic certification.

Organic food is also often higher in nutrients because it has come from healthier soil. There will be more on this in our Regenerative/Organic page.

If you can’t buy much organic produce there are some other ways to get that nutrient-density. Have a look at our Affordability and Diversity pages.

Shopping on a budget

We hope to have more on shopping on a budget soon. Also, check out our Food Affordability section.

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