Hello and WELCOME to our new website!

We have started to produce this resource on a shoestring but have big plans for improving and expanding it in the future when we have some funding.

We want to hear from you! What would be most useful for you? If you are a ‘citizen’ how can we help you eat more Real Food? If you are a doctor or other health professional what sort of information will help you help your patients?

We also want to welcome all those who produce Real Food. You are our ultimate preventative health service. Our focus for this site is as a resource for our citizens and health professionals but we may be able to produce something that is also useful for you too.

We have our ideas of what Real Food means and would love to know if you share these. Check out our Credo and sign your support.

You can also support us in other ways.

Thank you for visiting our site. Much more coming soon…